5 great dating tips for shy men

The problem swells even more at the time you want to go dating with the girl or girls of your dream like what any other guys do. It’s about time to work on your weak points particularly on your being a shy guys.But since you are a shy guys, you are inhibited to do that stuff. In the end, you’ll find it easy to deal with your ‘troublesome’ character and go dating with your girl easily without hassle.Instead, you should stand up straight and stick your chest out when meeting a girl. Smile gives the air of confidence in you and that is what you need to project. Simply, make them hear how you roar with that confident posture of yours! If you are a shy guy going to a date, take time to practice the three dating tips above. Times and people change but your confidence will definitely grow. If it didn't , then put a line through it and never try it again. His articles have been published in "The Evening Chronicle," "The Journal" and "The Sunday Sun." He holds a Bachelor of Arts in journalism from Northumbria University.

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The may include ice-breakers, topics of conversation and compliments.

It's an unfortunate fact for shy men, but people are attracted to confidence.

Rehearse flirting situations at home, putting confidence in your voice and walk. When you feel you ready, try out the confident-you on someone you have your eye on.

Now if it so happens that you always get “no” for an answer, do not be despaired.

You like a woman, but you are too shy to have a conversation with her.


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