55 plus dating

And again, I think your text profile mentioning your financial stability, your good health, if you have it, your resources to manage your health and if you have the ability to travel, would all be pluses for you.

I'm sorry, that's grim, but again I'm trying to look at this through the eyes of an older woman considering a 62 year old man. Essentially any non casual relationship might be asking a woman to invest in th rest of your life, or hers as well.

Also the more money you have, the more opportunity they will potentially have to travel with you or have outdoor activities.

And, grim as it sounds, sorry to say it, many women will not commit IMHO to an older man unless there is a backside with an upside in his will.

While I wouldn't remove your profile, I would consider that it's possible online dating could be served beset as a supplement to more face to face interactions.

- The density of women in your age bracket in your location will determine some of your choices.


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