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f signifies that the internals and externals of the former cfanrch should perish, but that the Word of the Lord should abtda-; that heaven is the internal of the church, and earth its external, see n. It is evident, that the words of the Lord are not onlv those which were here spoken concerning His coming and the consummation oi ijhe age, but also all that are contamed in the Word. AND Jacob went on his way ; and the angels of God met him. And when Jacob saw them, he said, This is the camp of God : and he called the name of that place Mahanaim. And Jacob sent messengers before him to Esau Tiis bro- ther, unto the land of Soir, the field of Edom. And I have ox and ass, flock, and man-servant and maid- servant, and I send to tell my lord, to find favour in thine ey^. and he halved the people which was with him, and the flock, and the herd, and the camels, into two camps ; 8. And be passed the night there in that night ; and took of that which came into his hand, a present for Esau his brother ; 14. 3038, 3705 : hence it is that by these words, '' And Jacob went on his way," is sig- nified the successive of truth, to the end that it might be con- joined to spiritual and celestial good. Tniths from which good is derived are tlioee which man im- bibes befoi*e regeneration, but tlie truths derived from good are those which lie imbibes after re^neration ; for after regen- eration, truths proceed from good, tor man then perceives and knows from good tliat they are truths. 1463, 2025 ; and (3.) from the signification of tarrying^ or abiding with, as predicated ot a life of truth with good, see n. In the present case it denotes to imbibe ; hence it is manifest, that by tliese Avords, "I have sojourned with Laban, and have tarried even until now," is signified that he imbibed the good represented by Laban.

These words were spoken immediatelv after what was said concerning the Jewish nation, because mat nation was preserved for the sake of the Word, as may appear from the passage cited, n. From these considerations then it is manifest, that the begin- nings of the new church are here predicted. And said, If Esau shall come to one camp and shall smite it, there shall be a camp lefk for escape. And Jacob said, God of my father Abraham, and God of my father Isaac, Jehovah, saying unto me. In doing well 1 wili do well with thee, and will place thy seed as the sand of the 8ea» which is not numbered for multitude. Two Imndred she-goats, and twenty he-goats, two hun- dred ewes, and twenty rams, 15. For he said, I will expiate his faces in the present goinff before me, and afterwards I will see his faces ; pcrad ven- ture ne will lift up my faces. And the present passed over before him, and he passed the night in that night in the camp. And he arose in that night, and took his two wives, and his two handmaids, and his eleven sons, and passed over the ford Jabbok. And he took them, and caused them to pass over the river, and caused what he had to pass over. And Jacob remained alone ; and a man wrestled with him until tlie day-dawn arose. And he saw that he did not prevail over him, and he touched the hollow of his thigh, and the hollow of Jacob's thigh was out of joint as he wrestled with him. But these are subjects which do not admit of being fully explained to the apprehension; the reason is, because the most common (or general) principles of this subject are unknown in the learned world, even the Christian ; for it is scarcely known what the natural principle appertaining to man is, and what the rational, and tliat tliey are altogether distinct from each other; also, it is scarcely known what spiritual truth is, and what the ffood thereof, and that these likewise are most distinct; and still less is it known, that during man's regeneration, truth is conjoined with good, distinctly m the natural principle, and distinctly in the rational, and this by innumerable means ; nay, it is not even known that the Lord made His Human [principle] Divine, according to the order in which He also regenerates man. Such truth, viz., the truth of good, is what is signified by tlie field of Edom ; in Hke manner also in the passage above quoted, from the book of Judges, "Jehovah, when thou we»te$t forth out of Stivy when thou departedst out of the fi^ld of Edow^^ v. The case is this : tioith cannot be implanted in good except by means (or mediums); which means (or mediums) were treated of in the preceding chapters, concerning Jacob's sojourning and taming with Laban, and the fiock he there acquired ; Uie sub- ject now treated of in this chanter is the process of conjunction, thus the inversion of state, in tliat order which takes place when truth becomes subordinate to good. "And I have ox and ass, flock, and man- servant and maid-seivant.-' — ^That hereby are si«jnified acqui- sitions in their order, appears from tlie signification of ox and us8^ flock\ inaiv-servani and maid-aervantj as denoting subser- vient exterior and interior goods and truths, thus acquisitions in their order.

Wheresoever ft fig-tree is named in the Word, in the internal sense it signi*- fijes good of the natural principle, see n. 13 of tliis state cannot be described, inasmuch as the Divine states, which the Lord had when He made tlie Human [principle] in Himself Divine, do not fall into any human apprenension, nor even into any aneelic, only by appearances illustrated by the light of heaven which is from tlie Lord, and by states of man's regeneration ; for the regeneration of man is an image of the glorification of tlie Lord ; see n. And Jacob sent mes- sengera before him to Esau his brotlier, signifies first commu- nication with celestial good : unto the land of Seir, signifies celestial natural good: Uie field of Edom, signifies truth thence derived : and he commanded them, saying, Tlius shall ye speak unto my lord Esau, signifies firet acknowledgment of good, that it was in a superior place: I have sojourned witli Laban, and have tarried even until now, signifies that he had imbibed the good signified by Laban : and I have ox and ass, flock, and man-servant and maid-servant, signifies acquisitions in tlieir order whilst he sojourned there : and I send to tell my lord, to find favour in thine eyes, signifies instniction concerning tluit state, and also condescension and humiliation of truth before good. The watchman said, Tlie morning Cometh, and also the night," xxi, 11, 12.

217 ; the reason why branch denotes the affection thereof, is because affection spiings and flourishes from good as a branch from its trunk ; that leaves denote trutlis, see n. Hence, then, it is evident what this parable involves, viz., that when a new church is created by the Lord, good of the natural principle first of all appears, that is, good in an external form witli its afifection and truths. The subject here treated of, in the internal sense, is the inversion of state in the natural principle, to the end that good may be in the first place, and truth in the second ; in the present case it is the implantation of tntth in good, voi'se 1 to 23. And Jacob went on his way ; and the - anaels of God met him. By the land of Seir, in a respective sense, is properly signified the Lord's kingdom with those who are oat of the church (that is, with the Gen- tiles), when a church is established amongst them, and the for- mer or old church is fiilling away from charity and faith : that in such a case, they who are in darkness have light, appears from several passages in the Word.

At this day there are few who are regenerated, and still iewer who reflect ; wherefore the things here said concerning truth and good must needs be obscure, and possibly of such a nature as not to be acknowledged, especially by Uiose who set the trutlis of laith in the flrst place, and the good of charity in the second, and who thence think much about doctrinals, but not concerning goods of charity, and think about eternal salvation from tlie former, not from the latter.

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This essential order is what was represented by the encampments of the sons of Israel in the wilderness, thus heaven itself was represented ; and the cohabitation tlierein according to tribes was called a camp ; the tabernacle, which was in the midst, and about which they encamped, represented the Lord Him- self. Hence also in other places in the Word, their arrangements in Digitized by Vj OOQ IC J 12 GENESIS. the wilderness, or their encampings according to tribes, were called a camp ; and by camp in those passages in the internal sense is signified heavenly order ; and by encamping, arrange- ment according to that order, viz., according to the order in which goi Kls and truths are in heaven. The quality of this state is here described, when inversion takes place, and truth is made subordinate to good ; Uiat is, when they who have been in the affection of truth, begin to be in the aftection of good.

But the occurrence of this invei-sion and subordination appears to those only who are regenerated, and not even to them, unless they reflect thereupon.

It is said, at die doors, because the good of the natural principle and its tniths are the first which are insinuated into man, whilst he is reejenerating and becoming a church. 3300, 3302, 3494, 3504, 3727, 3576, 3599, 3669, 3677. 2405, 2780), and hence illusti*ation to tl K)se who are in night, that is, in ignorance ; that tills illustration is from the Loi-d's Divine Natural prin- ciple, see n. As several expressions in the Word Jiave also an opposite sense, so likewise lias Seir, as in Ezekiel xxv. 2 to 15, and in the historicals of tlie Word through- out. "The field of Edom."— That hereby is signified trnth derived from good, appeai-s from the signification of the field cf Edom^ as denoting t Jie Lord's Divine Katm*al principle as to good, to which are conjoined the doctrinals of truth, or truths, see n. "And he commanded them^ saying, Thus shall ye speak unto my lord Esau." — ^That hereby i» signified tlie fii'st acknowled^ent of good, that it was in a supemr place, appears (1.) trom the signification of commanding the messengers to speaky as denoting reflection and thence percep- tion that it is so (see n. xxxi L During man's regeneration, truth is apparently in the first place, and good in the second, but when man is regenerated, good id in the first place and truth in the second, see. 1904, 2063, 2189, 2697, 2979, 3286, 3289, 3310, 3325,' 3330, 3332, 3336, 3470, 3509, 3539, 3548, 3556, 3563, 3570, 3576, 3599, 3603, 3701 • This also is what is meant by the prophetic words of hixac the father to Esau his son, *\By thy sword Uiou shalt live, and shalt serve thy brother; and it shall come to pass, iohe7i thou sha U have t/ie dominion^ thou shalt break his yoke from off Uiy neck," Gen. 40; the inveraion of this state, as predicted in these prophetic words, is now treated of. "I have sojourned with Laban, and have tarried even nntil now." — Tliat hereby is sigi^itied that ho imbibed the good signified by Laban, appeai-s (1.) from the repi-csen Uition of Jjjban^ as denoting a middle good, tliat is, good not genuine, but 3'et serving to mtroduce genuine ti'uths and goods, see n.

Verily^ I say unto yo Uy This genera- tiofi shall not pass awayy until all these things he fulfilled^ sig- nifies diat the Jewish nation shall not be extirpated as other nations; the reason whereof may be seen, n. Heaven and earth shall pass away, hid my words shall not pass uway, Digitized by Vj OOQ IC 4231.] GEKESI8. Thus shall ye speak unto mv lord Esau ; Thus saith thy servant Jacob, I have so- journed with Laban, and have tarried even until now : 5. And the messengers returned unto Jacob, saying, rfe came to thy brother, to Esau, and also he cometh to meet thee, and four hundred men with him. And Jacob feared exceedingly, and was distressed ;. And he said, I will not let thee so^ unless tliou bless me. And he said unto him, What is thy name t And he said, Jacob. And he said, Thy name shall no longer be called Jacob, but Israel ; because as a prince tliou hast contended widi God and with men, and hast prevailed. This conjunction itself, viz., of Divine truth with the Divine good of the Lord's Divine Natural principle, is the subject now treated of; for after Jacob receded from Laban, and came to Jordan, and thus to the first ingress into tlie land of Canaan, he begins to represent that conjunction ; for the land of Canaan, in the internal sense, signifies heaven, and in the supreme sense the Lord's Divine Human [principle], see n. 3302, 3322 ; trutlis thence derived, or which are from good, are distinct from truths from which good is derived. 36G1, 3682), and conseauently acknow- ledgment; and (2.) from the representation of i Wu, as denoting good ; see above, n. That it was in a superior E'ace, is signified b^ Jacob calling Esan, not brother, but hia rd, and lumseli' lua tei Taut, and afterwards in like luauner. 3974, 3982, 3986, 4063 ; (2.) from tlie signification of sojoumingy as denoting to be instructed, see n.


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