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With increasing global interest in exploiting quantum technologies, the COST Connect event will provide networking opportunities that link active researchers with representatives from the Quantum sector and EU stakeholders.

Ph D students may obtain a grant to attend the school. ” will be an open space for participants to discuss the importance of quantum technology and research.The E-MRS differs from many single-discipline professional societies by encouraging scientists, engineers and research managers to exchange information on an interdisciplinary platform, and by recognizing professional and technical excellence by promoting awards for achievement from student to senior scientist level.The “ NCP Academy”, a project for National Contact Points (NCPs) for the Horizon 2020 Programme, organised a webinar about the strategic link and complementarities between Horizon 2020 and the COST Programme.The multidisciplinary COST Action IS1404 E-READ has fostered a great deal of empirical research on the effects of the wholesale adoption of screens for reading.The conference "Books and screens and the reading brain" was intended to showcase some of the preliminary findings. But these findings also need contextualisation, relating them to the history and present practice of reading and the social history of literacy.The conference was co-organized with SHARP – The Society for the History of Authorship, Reading, and Publishing, and took place at Vilnius University, Lithuania, on September 27-27.


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