Bamyan in afghanistan predating european

“First they fired at the Buddhas with tanks and artillery shells,” recalled one Afghan who participated in the attack.

“But when that was ineffective, they planted explosives to try to destroy them.” When the Buddhas finally crumbled, Taliban fighters “were firing weapons into the air, they were dancing and they brought nine cows to slaughter as a sacrifice.” The monuments had endured for centuries, only to disappear in a matter of weeks.

Videos emerged in February of ISIS militants rampaging through a museum in the Iraqi city of Mosul and smashing statues dating back even further than Afghanistan’s Buddhas.

The Islamic State has also obliterated ruins in the ancient Iraqi cities of Hatra and Nimrud, and a similar fate might befall relics in ISIS-controlled Palmyra, Syria.

Crowds remained well into the night, Latifi said, and some people played music while others looked on.

The fleeting restoration of the Buddhas comes at a time when, only slightly further to the west, there is grave concern over the cultural heritage of Syria and Iraq.

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