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Chorus: Forward, Christian Leaguers Of this royal band! 2 On we march to battle, Facing hosts of sin; They are strong and many, But we hope to win: Jesus is the Leader Of our royal band; By His grace we'll conquer At His safe command.

[Chorus] 3 Onward then, ye Leaguers, Led by Christ, our Lord, Trusting in His promise, Use in faith your sword, Fight till eve of battle, Soon the war will cease, Soon the word of triumph Brings eternal Peace.

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    Although stable and well-supported relationships are in place for the three main clades (families) of Scutigeromorpha, the interrelationships of particular taxa within the most diverse family, Scutigeridae, are less clearly resolved. Resolving the phylogenetic position of enigmatic New Guinea and Seychelles Scutigeromorpha (Chilopoda): a molecular and morphological assessment of Ballonemini.

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