Dating expectations in the 1980 s Sexy chat online came to came

It is also noted that height is a “masculine” characteristic.Taller men may be seen as more dominant and assertive (Melamed, 1992).

Instead of choosing the tallest of the bunch, many women use a step criteria, requiring that the men they are with are at least taller than they are (Hensley, 1994). Women’s preferences for sexual dimorphism in height depend on menstrual cycle phase and expected duration of relationship.

However, researchers found that of the 720 couples in their study, only one was comprised of a taller woman and a shorter man (Gillis & Avis, 1980).

This was a far smaller percentage than expected by chance, showing that there is some selective preference for taller men.

Culture also plays a big part in what we like and what is valued in society.

Women may learn to value men who are rewarded in society.


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