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And Yolanda Hadid's new mystery man has been identified as businessman Matt Minnis, according to US Weekly.

The 54-year-old former model told the publication last month that her new squeeze is not a celebrity, but 'a very private person.' The mother-of-three continued to gush, 'He was just magically planted there by my angels,' according to Us Weekly. I just want intimacy with a good human being who has my back.'While living out her newly simple life, Yolanda owns a farm with multiple horses that run around in the open field.

Dressed casually in a cap, T-shirt, khaki shorts and flip flops, Matt strolled the streets of the coastal idyll with his daughters Isabella, 12, Gia 10, and Stella, eight, in tow.

Known for its natural surf breaks and hippy atmosphere - even the Welcome to Byron Bay sign urges visitors to 'Cheer up, slow down, chill out' - the town is popular with tourists from across the world.

Yolanda also revealed that she left the glitz and the glam in the past, 'I’m so into the simple things of life today. Her three children; Gigi, 22, Bella, 21, and Anwar, 18, often visit their mom as they spend hours of their day with the barn animals.

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These latest sightings of the Hollywood actor will do little to dispel rumours that Matt is considering a permanent move with his family to Byron Bay.The loves, exes and relationships of Matt Damon, listed by most recent.One of several Hollywood celebs who married Latina women, Matt Damon was also good looking in his early years.And the hilarious new clip – in which the two are seen giving each other pedicures before Affleck tweaks Kimmel’s bare chest – isn’t just a duet: It’s an all-star performance on par with “We Are the World.” When it comes to backup singers, Kimmel somehow managed to round up a who’s-who of the entertainment industry, including Don Cheadle, Ashlee Simpson, Robin Williams, Cameron Diaz, Huey Lewis, Christina Applegate, Joan Jett, Macy Gray, Benji and Joel Madden, Lance Bass, Josh Groban and Harrison Ford – who blows the new couple a kiss.Even Brad Pitt makes a cameo, albeit in a non-singing role.As Robin Williams rhapsodizes, “This is not a man crush.” “The reason I did it like this, I didn’t want my parents finding out from the tabloids,” Kimmel said after showing the video.


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