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If someone knows that that was them, in that video, I would love for them to come forward so we could, at least, strike that off saying, no, that wasn’t him.” 5.

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With the gun missing and after noticing that his video game had gone idle, Jessica speculated that he could have briefly stepped outside.

Both officers were from Gwinnett County Police Department, just east of Atlanta. Bongiovanni (left), who handcuffs him as he lies on his stomach on the road.

The video, taken by a motorist on his cellphone on Wednesday, shows Hollins being pulled out of a car by an officer, Sgt. Mc Donald (right) is seen running up to him and kicking him in the face Hollins is lying on the ground, handcuffed, and is presenting no danger when the officer kicks him in the face (pictured, left).

At AM when Jessica got up to take out their dogs, Kelly was gone.

Kelly left without his wallet, money, credit cards, ID, phone, keys or pickup truck. Was Kelly associated with a violent or dangerous crowd?


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