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KAZIMIERZ Tyzenhauz / Kazimieras Tyzenhauzas [see above] b.

ca 1740 - son of Benedykt Tyzenhauz SENIOR - was the husband of above Barbara Gielgud, and father of ZOFIA Tyzenhauziene.

ca 1730, died in 1815 in Walewice [or Atanazy Colonna-Walewski 1733-1815], close to Lowicz.

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The Council was liquidated in 1789 by the Four-Year Parliament - reactivated in 1793 by the Grodno Parliament.

Maria was born in Kiernozia; she known Nicholas Chopin, Frederic Chopin's father]; Named above Anna nee Pulaska / Joanna Pulaska, b.

1742 in Grabowo, was the daughter of Jzef Pulaski; she was the sister of KAZIMIERZ PULASKI / Casimir Pulaski, US Revolutionary Hero, the Polish conspirator. in 1784, in the Kobyla Gra parish, in MYSLNIEW, 4 km to Silesia, to Konstancja Psarska b. 6 km to the south of the BRZEZIE was the palace in Wieniec founded in the early nineteenth century by the family of Miaczynski; in 1868 the property bought a Warsaw banker of Jewish origin and a great Polish patriot - Leopold Kronenberg.

Lucja Czekulin] were next of kin to the Madalinski family. Maksymilian Antoni Mielzynski, 1738-1799, born in Laszczyn - Cieladz [close to RAWA MAZOWIECKA]; d. Married in 1771 in Mierzeszyn (Meisterswalde) close to Trabki Wielkie, the Gdansk Pomeranie, to Konstancja Czapska, 1749-1813. Married in 1793 in Pawlowice (Pawlowitz) to Prokop Rufin Jozef Mielzynski, 1763-1800, the son of Hipolit Maciej Jozef Mielzynski 1733-1797 Seweryna Lipska d.

Krzysztof had the son Andrzej Walenty Mielzynski, 1698-1771; born in 1698 - Goscieszyn close to - Wolsztyn (Wollstein); 9 km south-east to WOLSZTYN, 8 km north-east to WRONIAWY; north-west to PRZEMET; 18 km north-west to WILKOWO POLSKIE of Kiedrzyski-Zamoyski family. 1801, Olga Kalinowska born 1818 or 1822 was married to Ireneusz Kleofas Oginski b. 1863 from Belarus, in 1844, and her son Bohdan / Bogdan Oginski was born in 1849. This Emperor has children from two marriages and children with two different women: with a princess Lubomirska ca 1867 and with above Olga, countess Kalinovsky / Olga nee Kalinowska was son Michael-Bogdan or Bogdan / Bohdan, prince Oginski born 10. 1848 or 1849 who married to Gabrielle-Marie, countess Potulicka / Maria Potulicki The Permanent Council consisted of a king (with 2 voices), 18 senators and 18 representatives of nobles (deputies); divided into 5 departments (foreign interests, army, police, treasury and justice).


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