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And, it added even more fame to New York City taxi service!Locations: Midnight Cowboy Dog Day Afternoon (1975) Based on an actual back robbery that took place in 1972, Sidney Lumet's film was shot almost in its entirety on a quiet stretch of shopfronts on Prospect Park West between 17th and 18th Street, just south of Park Slope, Brooklyn.According to Dustin Hoffman himself, the taxi incident was not scripted. After 15 takes, it was finally going well, but this time, as they crossed the street, a taxi ran a red light. " not only from fear of his life, but also from anger that the taxi driver might have ruined the take.Instead, being the professional that he is, he stayed in character and shouted "Hey, we're WALKING here! Jon Voight also backs up this version of the incident, saying that seeing how well Hoffman was handling the situation, he likewise stayed in character.Directed by Billy Wilder the sequence required Tom Ewell and Marilyn Monroe to linger outside the Trans-Lux Theatre as a gust of wind from a passing subway train blew Monroe's dress up around her waist, revealing a glimpse of her underwear.

From "Breakfast at Tiffany's" when Audrey Hepburn as Holly Golighty, still wearing a Givenchy evening dress from the night before, staring dreamily into gem-filled Tiffany's window as she consumes a breakfast of take-out coffee and a Danish - to - "Vanilla Sky" where Tom Cruise as David Aames finds himself completely alone in Times Square.Al Pacino played the mastermind bank robber Sonny Wortzik who would often leave the safety of the bank and stand in the street shouting abuse at the gun-pointing police. Kramer (1979) The transformation of Ted Kramer played by Dustin Hoffman from a career-obsessed ad man into a caring, attentive father after his wife of many years has abruptly left him is played out in this abiding ritual of family life in the city.The Mall in Central Park is the setting for this heart-rendering scene where Ted hands back his Son, Billy to his estranged wife Joanna.In this scene, the Ghostbusters arrive at the hotel in supposeably downtown Manhattan, but is in fact the famous Biltmore Hotel in Los Angeles on the corner of 5th and Grand.This famous location has been used for hundreds of films, TV shows, commercials and even a few music videos.Locations: Ghostbusters Desperately Seeking Susan (1985) The filming schedule for Deperately Seeking Susan was 10 weeks in total and was Madonna's debut film.


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