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There were reports JC was bisexual back to the 'Nsync days, mostly from the same people reporting Lance was gay.

"I don't know or really care if he's gay but he was endearingly queeny on that MTV Dance competition show where he was a judge. I suppose JC's lack of style might be in reaction to the hideous style he (and others) displayed while in NSync.r18, I don't think JC really let himself go, its just genetics and getting older. It's a joke among the Joshtin fans, who like most slash fans have trouble telling fantasy from reality but the similar fashion photo collages can be fun. Last August JC wore a dark shirt with white dots on it, last September JT wore a dark shirt with white dots on it. Live he used to walk his fingers down his body and grab his crotch during Come to Me. He's doing something that involves himself performing, and not just a one off for a friend.This person had no reason to lie, so if this is true, then it's no wonder his career went nowhere after N'Sync ended. Lol at r86's tale told bitter In real life justin carried those other dudes' dead weight for years.Maybe he's humbled himself a bit all these years later.[quote]Must be getting ready to leave for London for the rehearsals for Jesus Christ Superstar. He was too scared to go out alone so they got paid - fair enough.R38 It's not from fangirls, per se, it's from groupies. Some of them were fangirls but the info was often consistent. JC was more not too big, not too small but just right. Maybe they were Podwell's early clients so they became friends. There was the other song with the simulated blow job during the dance routine. He looks like his biological mother, same eyes, smile, nose, facial shape. Might be the start of a new phase of him becoming a singer and performer again. Must be getting ready to leave for London for the rehearsals for Jesus Christ Superstar.How accurate who can say but some of the first reports of Lance being gay came from those places, same with JC being bisexual. Female dancer naturally but his stage show wasn't boring. But if it had been the case, it would hardly be something that was his fault. They've already been working with the vocal coach on singing rehearsals, she posted a picture of herself and JC a couple weeks ago.He wasn't even the oldest member, Chris is 5 years older and Joey is only about 5 months younger. With a circle of friends like Colton Haynes, Shawn Pyfrom, Zac Quinto, and Matthew Morrison, there's no way in hell that he's NOT gay.


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