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He just couldn’t help himself as the pain was so intense. I also really like to be punished for being such a failure of a husband.

He, sadly, realized his tiny four inch penis was rock hard and resting between Jim’s strong thighs. I know my skinny little penis has never satisfied you and that is why you take lovers to our bed.

Feeling Jim’s hard cock resting up against my hip was almost all I could think about. Thank you for allowing me to be part of your fun.”Sandy said, “Oh, don’t fret because you also will know the enjoyment of Jim’s body.”“You know you are not allowed to orgasm until I say so. Jim rotated his hips and the tip of his cock slid past the folds of Sandy’s cunt. Jim continued to pound into her cunt with forceful strokes. Jim then ordered Bill to clean his cum soaked cock.

If you do I will lock you in your penis cage for a month and deny you the pleasure of being in the same room as I take lovers.” Sandy said, "Do you understand? Sandy then told Bill to get completely naked."Of course," Bill said. He told Bill to come over and insert his cock into his wife’s cunt. Being able to touch Jim’s massive manhood and to be part of his wife’s pleasure was a great honor. He felt the thick shaft in his hand and marveled at the heat it generated. He noticed pre-cum dripping from the head of Jim’s cock. Bill loved the feeling of Jim’s shaft sliding through his hand as it entered his wife’s hairless opening. When he was exhausted he withdrew his wet cum coated cock. Sandy’s cuckold husband was busy during the entire time taking pictures with his cell phone. It was hanging down between his legs as he stood next to the bed. He opened his mouth and took in Jim’s thick soft cock. He opened his throat and let Jim’s swollen cock down.

She further said her bull is a real man and loves to humiliate sissy white cuckold tiny dicked husbands.

She said he especially wants to spank Bill in front of her before he fucks him. Bill answered the door wearing his girlie maid’s outfit. Fear and excitement ran through Bill’s body as he thought what was in store for him.

Bill’s moans and cries caused Sandy to giggle and then laugh out loudly. There you are dressed in your favorite outfit, panties around your ankles, crying, ass spanked and your tiny dick peeking out of your skirt. ”Bill, between crying sobs said, “You are right; I am worthless. It excites me to see you kissing and wanting such a perfect manly man like Jim.

Bill was so humiliated that he was crying in front of his wife and her lover. It further excites me to be humiliated by you and him.

She reached up and kissed him full on the lips, their tongues danced with each other’s. Jim and Sandy quickly stripped down and were naked in each other’s arms. Bill also noticed with great joy that Jim was a masterpiece of manhood.Jim lifted up Bill’s short skirt, he pulled down his silky white panties and exposed Bill’s heart shaped hairless ass.He said to Bill, "Sandy says you are a worthless, little penis, cock sucking, crossdressing cuckold of a person and I agree.”Then the spanking started.Jim’s huge balls were smacking up against his chin and neck. His legs were shaky and his hands shook as he bent over Jim’s legs.Jim’s erect cock was between Bill’s hip and Jim’s stomach.When Bill returned he had martinis and a plate full of cheeses and meats. Bill continued to suck Jim until he was really hard. In a few minutes the pain subsided and the pleasure took hold.


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