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While the i Pod only works with i Tunes, other Mp3 players are typically less restricting.

Enjoy unlimited free listening to millions of songs in your windows 8.1 and 10.

Back in December, Amazon stopped letting users upload new tracks to Music Storage, which holds up to 250 songs for free.

The company said at the time that by January 2019, users wouldn’t be able to download or stream tracks they’ve uploaded to Music Storage, so it sounds like you’ll still have many months between April and next January to get your music downloaded and onto a different storage platform or hard drive.

Amazon does clarify in its email that “Amazon Music digital purchases will continue to remain securely stored for playback and download,” and that no further action is required to keep those files.

The company is also stressing that the shutdown of Music Storage will not affect Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited, which are the company’s two on-demand music streaming services.

Lossless codecs and high-quality digital audio systems are complicating this even further.We’ve known since last year that Amazon Music was planning to shut down its dedicated cloud music locker.Now, we have a date for when that process will begin.It's really easy to find albums and single tracks, and even easier to purchase them instantly.While it's fairly straightforward to download songs from Amazon for yourself, what about buying for others as a gift?The idea of a reproduction being true to the original has more to do with the process than the medium. Much of their music is recorded and produced digitally, and is intended to be distributed via a digital medium.


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