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About 80 other lots mostly handbags and costumes were auctioned online and included designers such as Fabergé, Oscar de la Renta, Cartier, and Harry Winston.A bulk of the proceeds from the auction were donated to two charities; “God’s Love We Deliver” and “Guide Dogs for the Blind.”However, it wasn’t the first time Melissa donated huge sums to charity.You were not allowed to use the word "pregnant." You had to say, “I’ll be hearing the pitter patter of little feet soon” - as she's standing there 7 months pregnant, hard to miss. I have four different things in various stages of development. The other project I have coming up is hopefully getting my son into college; that’s a two-year plan! Then you jump forward to in the 70’s, and they are talking about much more aggressive things on being a parent or motherhood, that people didn't talk about. It’s literally a pop culture history from the 50’s through the mid 2000’s. PS: Any other projects or plans in the pipeline you are excited about? In 1990, three years after her father’s death, Melissa adopted her mother’s surname “Rivers.”After working as a correspondent for CBS’ “This Morning”, Melissa began taking up roles in TV shows such as “Beverly Hills”, “90210”, and “Hangin’ With MTV”.In 1994, Melissa and her mother played themselves in celebrity docudrama entitled “Tears and Laughter: The Joan and Melissa Rivers Story”.Personal Space: What are your favorite summer activities? I love being outside in the good weather; we go to Wyoming every summer. Pictures from the 60’s or transcripts from in the 80’s.My son plays club lacrosse, so most of this summer we've been traveling around for tournaments. Scott really curated the photos and all that kind of stuff, the articles. So you can look at it as a history of what was topical through all of those decades, told through her career and her humor.

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Joan and Melissa collaborated in numerous endeavours. ’s “Fashion Police” and “Live from the Red Carpet” interviews with celebrities.

As the sole executor of her mother’s estate, Melissa had access to all of her tangible properties.

In June 2016, she put up over 200 lots of her mom’s treasured possessions for auction at Christie’s.

As executor of Joan’s estate worth 0 million, Melissa reportedly received million in cash as well as her mom’s opulent Manhattan apartment valued at million, bringing her total inheritance to over 0 million.

Joan also left a piece of her estate to her grandson, Edgar Cooper Endicott (b.


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