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This was a good read, I enjoy this type of subject. And not sure where your confusion originated-- never in the article did it state that it was a rainbow flag. ) you link to, but not date or cite, it's pretty ambiguous. He wore them way before the rainbow became a gay pride symbol.

I don't mind being studied, I hope I can provide data to help further our human race. The previous study Facebook did was about the symbol for the Human Rights Campaign, the equal sign. However, this is how you describe the study: "The last watershed moment for gay and lesbian rights, followed by massive profile pic changes to the symbol for the Human Rights campaign-- was studied intently, and it was discovered, among other things, that people don't tend to change their profile pic in this way until several of their friends have been seen doing it." The data shows interesting things, no doubt: for additional things Facebook found when it studied the last profile pic-changing moment in history--- the symbol of the Human Rights Campaign-- check out the aforementioned study." When (or if) we choose to download and read it, we see it was written about events in 2013. I saw a youtube video from 1977 of him wearing those rainbow suspenders.

A citation in APA format would have saved all of this..to mention being standard practice. I'm not sure if this post is about data mining or support for equality in marriage. So - this thing we call 'privacy' isn't so private any more. In my opinion, most of these comments are countering the traditional narrative surrounding the rainbow flag and Facebook data mining not necessarily present in this article.

So please, when you write your next article, cite it more carefully next time! Either way we live in a digital age where our phones track us, the Nav systems in our cars track us, our debit card purchases are online before we leave the store, and, yeah, that's tracking us too. However, I think the title of this article, not the content, is in line with said narrative.

We are being watched even without Facebook, but at least Facebook allows us to describe our feelings unlike video or audio.

I changed my picture with everyone else, the reason I held back until a trusted friend did is because I wasn't sure if it was a scam, or a hacker trying to steal information (As it happens fairly often on Facebook). The first time I saw the "rainbow flag" I thought they were copying Robin Williams "Mork" suspenders.

Is there a geographical distribution-- or even personality factors-- that predict the willingness to change your picture to the rainbow one, and how do friends' views spread to friends? And after all, Facebook users have shown themselves to be extremely willing-- if sometimes unwitting-- participants.On the other hand, many people still don't realize what they're truly signing up for when they agree to have a Facebook account.And it brings about significant bubble-bursting to imagine the extent to which a spontaneous, jubilant show of solidarity for marriage equality may actually be part of a larger corporate scheme to mine data.That is, it implies a lie is being told, and the article will reveal that lie.It's an interesting relationship between the public skepticism of click-bait titles and the (misdirected) attempt to de-essentialize the information contained in the article.Many of them give the social media behemoth anything and everything about their lives, from birthdays and full names and birthplaces and cell phone numbers to family pictures and moods and relationships and details of their children's latest medical malady, all with visual evidence permanently included.


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