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However, this time I was delighted with a score of 780.

It seems preparation is at least as important as intelligence in the UKCAT.

Administering her basic care needs while receiving a torrent of abuse and, sometimes, even physical aggression, was not easy.

That same day I also managed to set off an emergency alarm.

Most people score between 500 and 700 out of the maximum 900. Before re-sitting it, I signed up to a Kaplan UKCAT two-day course (£250) in London and spent many weeks practising questions.

The adrenalin-fuelled and fate-deciding two hours in front of a computer screen were no less terrifying than the previous year.

The only way was to lock myself away until I knew and understood every fact, had completed every past paper – and had little of my sanity remaining.

While you can familiarise yourself with the types of questions, preparation will not significantly improve your score – or so you are told by medical schools.I now had satisfactory A-level grades and a decent UKCAT score.What I needed was a job to occupy my enforced gap year that would further impress the university admissions officers.In fact, I was desperate to prove the universities wrong by getting top grades.However, converting A-level predictions into reality is no mean feat.Yet I’d failed to convert all my opportunities and privileges into a single offer.


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