Roethlisberger dating verses for dating couples

"Ashley is a fine young woman -- young lady, I should say," said the Rev.

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Little is known about the Lawrence County, PA native but photos of Ben’s new fiancé have surfaced online and are creating a lot of buzz today.Sure hope Ashley knows what she’s getting herself into. He’s already locked up the Rookie of the Year award, helped stake the Pittsburgh Steelers to the best record in the NFL, and hasn’t lost a football game he’s started since September of 2003.In June, Roethlisberger told the Tribune-Review that he and Harlan share at least one trait: "Pretty competitive, but I don't know anybody as competitive as me." Harlan and Roethlisberger declined to be interviewed for this story.Friends, coaches and others who know Harlan, who celebrated her birthday Sunday, describe the physician's assistant at UPMC Presbyterian in Oakland as smart, athletic and down to earth."She has grown into a beautiful young woman." Pittsburgh's royal wedding is set for Christ Church at Grove Farm in Ohio Township, the couple's place of worship for the past year.


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