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This basic design was used in a number of larger craft pre-dating it and would define Imperial ships for decades to come.

The bridge was located in the middle of an arrow-shaped command tower module that protruded from the dorsal superstructure.

The secondary thrusters did not provide as much power, but were useful for maneuvering due to being placed further away from the ship's main axis.

The massive fin at the stern of the Acclamator-class contained both the anti-gravity generator and the ship's hyperdrive generator.

They also carried eighty aircraft and eighty-four armored vehicles, such as the AT-TE and SPHA walkers, used to provide clone troopers with heavy battlefield support.

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Apart from this, the Acclamators and larger warships were generally off-limits to most regular defense force personnel.When landed, the repulsorlift carried much of the ship's weight, but the landing legs maintained a stable contact with the ground.while a large Republic fleet engaged the Separatist fleet in orbit.There are other seminars and panels with a mainstream appeal in our seminar schedule.Key Events: * Playtest Tables- Get feedback on your game design ideas from the visitors * Speed-dating - Game designers give a 5 minute elevator pitch to potential publishers.After delivering their troops, the Acclamators pulled back to provide orbital support, with only a portion of the ships ending up damaged in the battle.


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