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I can’t say I’ve never been nervous about committing to some one or something but I don’t stop and wait.Keeping an interaction going is the best way to learn what you want with your life. O, I wouldn’t suggest this book to any one unless you read it with an open mind.I’ve never been told from one of my friends "dam I really liked that girl; but I think its better if I let her think I didn’t for a few days." Like all things you have to take men as individuals.One man may truly think waiting is better then showing his interest but for every man who thinks this there is another one who thinks along totally different tracks.But don't forget that just because he hasn't called doesn't mean that you can't.

Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... you shouldn't be running off to think about how you feel. Don't mess with someone else's heart because you're unsure of what you want.^^^LOLWhat if you were still deciding, and in your deciding, you thought..."Hey SELF!!! maybe if I dont call her for a bit, then just make it a friendly thing she will have forgotten all about me knowing astronmy... It makes sense that people should know what they want up front.

There's a reason for the 3 day rule (or the 48 hour rule as I know it).

The way a buddy of mine puts it is that if you call a girl too soon she'll know that you're into her and she'll rip your heart out and stomp on it for fun.

Not all men and women fit into the neat, simplistic, templates presented in these sorts of books.

Don't rely too heavily (better yet, not at all) on them.


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