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Instead, specifically address the potential red flags you’ve seen as a result of the relationship.

For example, you might say, “I noticed last week that you skipped your classes so you could spend more time with John. ” Of course, then ask follow up questions as necessary so that they can come to their own conclusion about the wisdom, or lack of it, in their decision.

Then you could try saying something like, “You know, if you asked me out on a date, I would say yes.” This could help diminish the fear a nervous guy has in asking you out.

This approach still allows for the guy to take the lead and actually ask you out (and gives him the space not to ask you out, which you need to be prepared for.) Remember that your worth is not determined by how many dates you go on or if you date at all.

Thank them for being willing to talk for a few minutes.

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As women, we can always imitate Mary as the perfect example of womanhood.If we don’t know our own worth, then we may put ourselves in situations where we are looking for the guy taking us out to provide us with our sense of worth.We may try to act or look a certain way so that our date likes us.Avoid making statements like, “John is always selfish and controlling with you,” even if you know it’s true.Your child will shut down if you start by attacking their friend.If you want to start dating but aren't sure how to do so successfully, it's luckily easy to learn the basics.


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