The math behind radioactive carbon dating

(10/21/17) This curious images shows a Jesus-like figure interacting with a dinosaur (10/20/17) Looks like feathers attached to a neural network. Explore math strange realities (10/27/17) Reuleaux Triangle Intermittent Pins Mechanism 3D Model (10/26/17) Rack and pins reciprocating mechanism (10/25/17) For math geniuses. (10/24/17) The ceiling is completely flat, including the dome on the left (10/23/17) Morphing golden ring (10/22/17) The Teleporting Robot puzzle: The robot disappears before your eyes. When science and fear collide, a supernatural story thrives (10/08/17) Zonohedron Featuring 662 Faces: Octadecagons, Decagons, Octagons, Hexagons, and Rhombi (10/07/17) This humor could appeal to those interested in Beatles songs and flow charts (10/06/17) Photographer captures incredible images of spiders (10/05/17) This is an article on the mystery of "Terminal Lucidity" when near death (10/04/17) Strange universe. Skull (10/10/17) Imagine this is a portal to another universe, and, soon, an alien entity will emerge (10/09/17) Mummies & curses.

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