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I always think its hillarious how nasty some older men get when you start talking about older women wanting younger men.

It's something they've been doing for years, but when it gets turned around, they aren't very happy, are they? I have never dated anyone more then 5 years younger then me, nor do I intend to. Women are nasty even amongst their own gender - tv shows like "Desperate Housewives" is based on such behaviour between women and based on the desire of women wanting to watch such crap.

You have full justification in thinking the way you do. As a footnote to your conclusion, many female coworkers have told me if their marriage fails they will seek out "Young and dumb guys." In my opinion, they just exposed the status of their marriage - and their husbands.

Oh I know alot of really sweet men that used to talk to their wives like this.

Big Deal - it apparently makes a woman feel better that she can talk down about men while domineering over the younger guys.^^^There ya go. Very patient and hardworking I love going out for a drink to have a nice and interesting conversation.I'm going to travel to Toronto and I will live there for 1 year.. Looking to finish school, something to do with autobody or carpentry maybe. First of all My're going to quote me, make sure its the whole paragraph and not parts of it, please.We wouldn't want any misunderstandings You're going to deny that men haven't been dating younger women long before women ever started to date younger men?I wonder if you would feel the same about an older gentleman having a rendezvous with a much younger woman... He'd get a pat on the back :)double standard –noun 1. they seem to think it's an accomplishment, I don't.


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