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Deliberately using the wrong pronoun for a transgender person is an offence under the university’s behaviour code.It is hoped the use of “ze” may also be used in lectures and seminars, as well as socially.Human rights campaigner and LGBT activist Peter Tatchell welcomed the notion, adding: “This issue isn’t about being PC”.He told Gender neutral pronouns such as “xe” and “ze” have already been brought into common use at the University of Tennessee, US, and this summer the Boarding Schools’ Association issued guidance for teachers to address transgender pupils as “zie” to avoid offence.The university also assists in providing information on financial aid services, work-study, fellowships and scholarships based on eligibility and other rules and regulations established by the agencies.Tennessee State University students go by the motto: “Think. Serve.” But we also realize a little fun should be part of the collegiate experience to create a holistic approach to learning.

(*See update below.) A leaflet distributed by the student union reportedly said they hoped the move would prevent transgender students feeling offended by the use of incorrect pronouns and cut down on discrimination.

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