Updating elgg

Once the text editor application opens, add your new host entry to the bottom of the file and save.You will need to launch your Terminal, which you can search for using Spotlight, or you may also access this via Applications/Utilities Once the terminal application has launched, type the following into the terminal command line: sudo nano /private/etc/hosts Enter the Administrator password.FF 60.0.1 - FF 61b5 - FF 62a - Palemoon 27.8.1 - TB 52.7 - Mac OSX 10.13.4Computers I've used: IBM 7094/UNIVAC 1108/IBM 360/DEC PDP11/DEC VAX-11 780/DEC VAXstation 8000/Sun SPARCstation 2/Mac from 1984 to 2018 when quitting and restarting FF.

In some instances you may need to flush your DNS cache on the local system as well.

You might try, after clearing your history and quitting FF, advancing your computers clock by 48 hours, then start FF and go to the site and see what happens. While not perfect FF favicon handling is quite robust.

Some sites load favicons using old html methods and some sites load multiple favicons by examining aspects of the user (e.g., browser). The reason for the time delay from what I've read is to improve the performance of the browser.

We all know the importance of testing your site after a migration to your hosting account.

More often than not we wish to do this prior to updating the domain’s DNS nameservers to Arvixe.


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