Validating domain objects hibernate part 5

X509Revocation Flag will specify if we want to check the revocation list with or without the CA root.The X509Chain Policy object has some more properties that will let you fine-grain the chain policy.The persistent state of an entity is represented through either persistent fields or persistent properties.These fields or properties use object/relational mapping annotations to map the entities and entity relationships to the relational data in the underlying data store. Entities may use persistent fields, persistent properties, or a combination of both.Now remove the certificate from the trusted CA folder.

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An entity is a lightweight persistence domain object.

The X509Chain object represents the chain of trust when checking the validity of a certificate.

X509Chain Policy fine-tunes how you’d like to validate the certificate, i.e. Let’s see how the self-signed certificate we created before can be validated.

Even if you know that there’s only one certificate that fulfils the search criteria you’ll need to iterate over the collection.

Anyway, the validation part of the code starts within the foreach loop by constructing an X509Chain object.


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