Who is aj michalka dating

They have a combined 100 million page views on You Tube!

AJ: I can totally see us singing a song from the past at a concert.

It's been 10 years since Aly & AJ last released music under their eponymous name but they're ready for a major comeback!

"He saw us singing and writing round the house so he encouraged us to get back out there and write music and perform...[Finally] we just said, 'Okay, let's give this one last go.'" They tapped their good friend, producer and songwriter Mike Elizondo, who they had written music with in the past, and got the ball rolling.Will acting take a backseat now as you concentrate on music? We'll be able to tour during the hiatuses from our shows. I started when I was 14 and that went on for two years, then I did my first DCOM and then another one around 17 with AJ..rest were all music videos being played on the channel.Those tween years are very impressionable at that age whether it's in a negative or positive way, so yeah I'd say they did.At the close of the Season 4 finale, Lainey told her beau that she was leaving early for college in Savannah, Georgia.But a long-distance romance is not in the cards for the blonde and Barry, who is still in high school back home.“That relationship between Barry and Lainey was really important, especially in grounding [Barry],” executive producer Adam F. “I loved exploring the idea of what happens when a guy like Barry is madly in love and has a serious girlfriend.


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