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All the women and the ladies, I wasn’t talking to them.

Unable to convince anyone, he tries to enlist the help of a self-proclaimed vampire hunter and magician in this remake of the 1985 comedy-horror classic.

Bottom line: If you’re one of the circle-jerking frat boys still calling him Mc Lovin, quit while you’re ahead. So, you’ve got the chance to vote for the first time.

After he and his fake ID stole the show in last year’s. I want to give the Democrats a chance and see what they can do. But I think it was for the best, because when we watched the movie and the sex scene came up, it wasn’t awkward at all, since she'd been right around the corner when it was going down. Seann William Scott sometimes can’t shake “Stifler.” Have you guys talked about nicknames sticking? I asked him if he ever got past the nickname; he was like, “Yeah man, after two more movies, people will completely forget about it.” We’ll see what happens in a few years.

This group likely just happened to creatively choose a poster of Mc Lovin.

And coincidentally, actor Christopher Mintz-Plasse, just happened to be at the same music festival.


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