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Evidence Shows Wisdom of Catholic Doctrine NEW YORK, SEPT.

25, 2005 (Zenit) - Critics continue to assail the Catholic Church's refusal to endorse condom use in treating the AIDS problem.

None has been presented so far." Recognition of the value of promoting abstinence, instead of just relying on condoms, came in a commentary published in The Lancet last Nov. Written by a group of medical experts, and endorsed by a long list of health care experts, the article noted that when campaigns target young people who have not initiated sexual activity, "the first priority should be to encourage abstinence or delay of sexual onset, hence emphasizing risk avoidance as the best way to prevent HIV and other sexually transmitted infections as well as unwanted pregnancy." The article did support condom use, but also pointed out that even for those who have already engaged in sexual activity, "returning to abstinence or being mutually faithful with an uninfected partner are the most effective ways of avoiding infection." This goes even for adults: "When targeting sexually active adults, the first priority should be to promote mutual fidelity with an uninfected partner as the best way to assure avoidance of HIV infection," stated the article.

This argument is based on solid medical evidence, the authors pointed out: "The experience of countries where HIV has declined suggests that partner reduction is of central epidemiological importance in achieving large-scale HIV incidence reduction, both in generalized and more concentrated epidemics." Questioning orthodoxy Recent information on the situation in Uganda, which is often cited as an example of how programs advocating abstinence and fidelity to partners can reduce the incidence of AIDS, confirms the position of those who question relying on condoms. 13 on Aidsmap, a United Kingdom Web site dedicated to distributing information on AIDS, summarized the findings of a study published in the Sept.

In Africa, repeated population surveys show that the most common behavioral change in response to the diffusion of AIDS is an increase in the fidelity to one's partner, the reduction of sexual partners, and sexual abstinence.

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According to Abboud, a statistical analysis of the situation in the continent shows that the greater the percentage of Catholics in any country, the lower the level of HIV.This site was last updated on May 20, 2018 AM © 2018 by Bay Area Real Estate Information Services, Inc; This information is based on sales reported in Bay Area Real Estate Information Services, Inc.(BAREIS) and is not verified and is subject to change. 1 issue of the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes.The study demonstrated that while campaigns to distribute and promote condoms in Uganda did increase usage, they did not lead to consistent use.Abboud commented that since the death of John Paul II there has been a "concerted campaign ...


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